Product Roadmap

In Progress

  • Property Exports – share a copy of your property records to someone new on the platform, or export the property and records to downloadable files
  • Categorized Records and Tasks – group records and tasks based on rooms, maintenance type, or any other category you can think of
  • Account Notifications and Emails – sending relevant account notifications via email and dashboard to alert you of property info, tasks, and other details


  • Web App Features – We’re leaning into mobile and want to provide a way for you to access your properties without keying up URLs in your browser every time. Our first step is through web app functionality. It’s an app without the download.
  • Warranty tracking – Track all of your home’s warranties for appliances and other big ticket items in one place, and receive reminders when warranties are about to expire.
  • Project planning – create project pages to track materials, labor, expenses, and more, all grouped together in a single project page for your property

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